Frequently Ask Questions

Why does my business need to be on the Internet?

  • You can reach an enormous audience. Current estimates are at about anywhere from 30 to 50 million users worldwide!
  • Your competitors are there.
  • It is an opportunity to compete on an equal footing with large corporations and/or businesses.
  • It can save your money in employee and sales force time, and can allow you to be more productive.

What can I do with a web site?

  • You can describe Your product and/or service.
  • You can show images of Your product and/or service.
  • You can provide a method of communication with Your employees, clients, and prospective clients.
  • You can educate Your prospective clients.
  • You can provide maintenance information and training with regard to Your product or service.
  • You can sell Your product and/or service.

How do I take advantage of this new media?

  • Figure out what you want to accomplish.
  • Communication with existing customer base.
  • Communication with potential customers.
  • Corporate identity.
  • Product recognition.

What should I do if I wish to cancel my web site services?

  • You can cancel your web site maintenance service at any time, just inform us 30 days in advanced.

What should I do if I wish to update my web site?

  • Just mail us your changes. We will make your changes in the website next business day.

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Client Testimonials

The whole team at pragyanet have done a fantastic job for Going through a complete website overhaul can be very difficult process, however pragyanet organized and disciplined approach lead our company through it easily.

We had high expectations for the visual look and functionality of and they met and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them in the near future on another project.

CEO Founder

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