This section contains brief information on some of our customers. As a rule, we include here data on those customers we have been in cooperation successfully for a long time and participated in many projects. The respective data is published only with the explicit consent of our customers; therefore, we cannot provide information on some of our customers that did not authorize us to publish data.

What is Outsourcing

Outsourcing is contracting out the management and development of a process or production which the customer controls the result. To remain competitive, many companies outsource as a way to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and refocus critical resources. This way the companies can concentrate on their core competencies leaving rest of the business activities to their outsourcing partner.

Why Outsourcing website design?
  • Outsourcing website design provides a unique combination of design, marketing, publication and technical computer skills. In most companies there is relatively little interaction between the marketing, computer and publications departments. Often the website development is assigned to one department. The results - too heavy design with slow download or intense copy without marketing hooks.
  • Offers a facility with current technologies in multimedia design, database, and interactive functionality. Few companies can afford to maintain a staff with this expertise which makes outsourcing website design an economical choice.
  • Leverages an expert team drawing from the top designers and programmers in their countries as they are getting paid good wages (in relation to their cost of living) by Western clients.
  • Outsourcing website design levels the playing field. Gives small companies access to the know-how, capital, economies of scale and other resources that large companies enjoy.

What are the Advantages?
  • Client satisfaction: "Your satisfaction is our minimum standard" … period! We build long term relationships and satisfied clients.
  • Exceptional rates: We partner with offshore technology groups to give our customers state-of-the-art services at a fraction of Indian rates. Call us and we will surprise you!
  • Marketing results: We design websites to attract customers, not "page hits"!
  • Timely delivery: Flexible professional service teams allow us to deliver jobs quickly.
  • Broad range of services: We offer complete website development, database and application development, search engine optimization, software programming and e-commerce and online marketing strategies.
  • Quality: Our skilled project managers provide continuous quality control; globally based teams deliver a superior product in terms of design, functionality and usability.
  • Community oriented: We support youth efforts promoting positive values, leadership and technology training, helping to bridge the digital divide.